Neighbouring Community

Neighbouring Community Support

More than just its employees, Ol Jogi invests in the development of the larger Laikipia community through a significant number of varied community based projects.



  • Maintenance of boreholes in surrounding communities, schools and health dispensaries.
  • Water supply to Musul Community.
  • Building of two dams to support the Il Polei and the Munichoi community
  • Repair and infrastructure of water tanks and systems to the Il Polei Dispensary and Kitchen.



  • Over 150 families supported from Il Polei, Munichoi and Musul Community Group Ranches by allowing community cattle grazing of over 1,200 head on Ol Jogi land.
  • Educating local community ranches to rebuild their own livestock carrying capacity through holistic grazing.
  • Donation of cattle to local Maasai community.


Healthcare and Safety:

  • Financing and construction of a kitchen for the Il Polei Dispensary.
  • Free medical attention to all Ol Jogi employees and their dependents.
  • Initiate and facilitate ‘Village Clean Ups’ in collaboration with the District Health Office and other government administration offices.
  • Donations and support to Nanyuki Cottage Hospital and the Nanyuki Children’s Home and Laikipia Palliative are Centre.
  • Tree planting initiatives.
  • Use of sniffer dogs for Stock Theft, burglaries and other community issues.



  • Ol Jogi Primary School established in 1972. Additional infrastructure and continual educational services provided.
  • Contributed to building the first Girls Boarding School supporting St. Francis Secondary School in Il Polei.
  • Financial donations to various schooling outlets.
  • Donation of motorbikes to District Education Office for easy and effective supervision of schools.
  • Building of IL Polei Primary School.
  • Provision of bursaries.
  • Scholarship program established in 2002 with 85 scholarships given to date.
  • Extensive training courses ranging from Education, Mechanics, Nursing, NPR (National Police Reserve) to Wildlife Immobilisation and Capture Course held in Zimbabwe.
  • Financial support to the Twala Women’s Self-Help Group.
  • Micro Finance Project.
  • Financial and Practical assistance to the Naibunga Conservation Trust.
  • Book donations to six primary and secondary schools in Laikipia North.