Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi Community

Ol Jogi values its labour force, supports it and creates a working environment which is safe. We provide the complete welfare of over three hundred and fifty employees in housing, health, education and entertainment. In addition, we support a further four hundred and fifty employee dependents.

Housing provided is equipped with electricity whilst hot water is made available through solar water systems. A fully equipped health dispensary comprising of a consultation room, treatment / dressing room, stocked pharmacy, four bedded in patient room and delivery room is managed 24 /7 by an onsite Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse. The dispensary offers a number of clinical health services including diagnosis and treatment of minor infections, preventative health care and immunisations. It also provides health education, family planning, HIV and Aids and both Ante-natal and post natal care. Referral cases are forwarded to Nanyuki District Hospital and Nanyuki Cottage Hospital where Ol Jogi continues to support the health requirements as needed.

Ol Jogi provides free schooling for all employees children in Ol Jogi Primary School and goes on to provide secondary school and university scholarships for outstanding students.