Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue Centre

In 1986, Ol Jogi’s Wildlife Rescue Centre was developed in the Pyramid Game Reserve side of the ranch. This centre was originally developed to take care of orphaned and injured animals but it soon became a home for other ‘problem’ animals such as livestock raiding lion and leopard.

Comprising of a large aviary, monkey enclosures, an open cheetah pen, further large carnivore exhibits, 100 acres of outdoor space for hoofed stock, natural and man-made hippo pools, elephant house, a fully equipped animal kitchen, various stores and hay barns. All of this set within a fully fenced 500 acre predator proof enclosure and managed by thirteen dedicated, trained and experienced staff.

Animals such as lion, leopard, wild dog together with others species such as elephant, giraffe, rhino, warthogs, primates and birds have all at one time regarded the Wildlife Rescue Centre as their home. Ol Jogi’s biggest success is when these animals are re-habilitated and are able to return to the wild!

Conservation Education Program

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the basis of Ol Jogi’s Conservation Education Program. Since the program’s inception sixteen years ago, over sixty thousand students and adults from all over Kenya have had the unique opportunity to visit the centre at no cost. It continues to touch between six and eight thousand school children every year teaching them the importance of wildlife and nature. This is helping to educate the future generations of Kenya as to the value of the wildlife that they have in their country and more importantly, the need to protect it! It is raising awareness on a national level as not only schools but different groups come and learn from Ol Jogi’s unique experience. By being at the forefront of raising conservation awareness, the program both influences the work being done on the ground at Ol Jogi and also other wildlife projects on a national and international scale.